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Cubs Best Off Season Move?

Is it Wade Miller Time in Chicago?The Chicago Cubs’ pitching staff has been plaqued with injuries the last couple of years. Though has shined and have not been 100 percent healthy. This off-season the Cubs signed who has also had arm surgery recently. I like this move by the Cubs, it gives them some possible insurance and starting pitching depth at a time when Kerry Wood needs more surgery (knee). Wade Miller is still recovering himself from arm surgery and may need to take “baby steps” to returning to form but I like the gamble the Cubs have taken by signing him. It could prove to be the best move they have made in the off season. We will have to wait and see.

, former player and manager and current Cubs broadcaster, has also had similar thoughts and has posted them here.

Do you think this was the Chicago Cubs best off-season move?


Does Clemens Dream Of Being A Texas Ranger?

Roger Clemens paid the complex a “nonchalant” visit today. Is the Rocket looking to play for a new team, the Texas Rangers? According to an report Clemens’ has family and friends in the area and was quoted as saying:

“We’ll see what happens. Whatever, I plan to be around Arlington a lot in the future.”

Now that quote could be taken out of context since Roger could just be planning to visit his friends and family “a lot in the future”. Though, the Rangers’ rotation which currently consists of Kevin Millwood, Adam Eaton, Vicente Padilla, Kameron Loe, and Juan Dominguez would be a lot better with Roger Clemens. Not to mention, I could see Roger ending his career as a Texas Ranger since it mimics the conclusion of Nolan Ryan’s career and just seems like the way to end a Hall of Fame career for a Texas born star.

The Big Hurt Was Shafted By The White Sox

Frank Thomas as an Oakland A

Frank Thomas has reported to camp for the and he is admittedly hurt that his 17 year career was not extended with the Chicago White Sox. Though Thomas is aging and had injury problems I feel the Sox should have given him an opportunity to finish out his career with the Sox as a coach/player for the next couple of season. Thomas could play some first base, designated hitter and help coach the rest of the time similar to how Pete Rose did late in his career.

I am honestly not a huge Frank Thomas fan, due to my love for the northside team in Chicago, but I respect him as a player and there is a “right way” to treat loyal veterans like this Frank. The same is true in the business world. The way the White Sox handled the situation was a bad baseball and business move but I do not think this is out of character for the Sox. This is the same organization that pushed Carlton Fisk into retirement early and could not decide on their commitment to Harold Baines for years. In fact they may still know be sure on how they feel about Harold Baines. The Sox do not know how to treat franchise players late in their careers – that is the bottom line.

Big Frank Thomas Too Much Hurt For Sox, Signed By A’s
January 27, 2006, 11:17 pm
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Frank Thomas batting vs. OaklandI was not surprised to see the did not attempt to re-sign lifetime Sox star Frank “Big Hurt” Thomas. Though used to be all the Sox fans had to cheer about the last few years Thomas has only played in 216 games.

The and who is known for picking up devalued players and making them work signed Thomas for just $500,000 plus a number of incentives based on performance. This could be a deal with a huge amount of upside for the A’s since a healthy Frank Thomas is still a BIG force to be reckoned with. I am happy Frank got a chance to win the World Series this past year for the City of Chicago on the team he devoted his entire professional career thus far.

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Kris Benson Traded To O’s: Anna Benson Too
January 22, 2006, 2:48 pm
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Anna Benson - I don't think I would want my wife putting up pictures like this.The recent trade of starting pitcher from the to the could help both teams. The Mets are getting a potential closer and a prospect while Benson as an Oriole could help anchor a starting rotation that fell off the planet after the All-Star break and a solid start last season. Benson brings experience and presence to a rotation that that needed an ace. I was surprised to see the Mets trading away starting pitching but they needed some more relief help so grabbing and need for more right handed pitching it seems like a decent move.

Baseball aside, I am wondering what Benson’s outspoken, pin-up wife, Anna Benson, who has made an enterprise out of being sexy thinks about the move. I mean she is number 48 on the list of FHM Magazine’s 100 sexiest woman of 2005. I wonder if something said or did caused the move?

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World Baseball Classic Rosters Are Ridiculous
January 21, 2006, 2:28 am
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Mike PiazzaI am looking forward to a spring classic in the form of the since I love the game but I am going to keep this short and sweet in saying the rosters are ridiculous. The rules which determine which country an athlete should represent need to be revisited. I understand the need to level the playing field and try and promote the game and I am all for it. However, there is no way should be playing for Italy!