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MLB ’06 The Show: Is Like You Are There

MLB '06 The Show - Playstation video game looks pretty sweet!MLB 2006: The Show, the latest baseball video game, has caught my attention with some humor and realistic graphics in two different TV commercial campaigns.

The first TV campaign mirrors that of a scene from the movie Bull Durham, giving tidbits to his teammates of what it is like in “The Show.” Clever and definitely laughable!

The second campaign shows all of the super graphics the game produces. Basically, the game looks almost like real life. It is pretty scary how well the graphical players mirror real Major League players. It is darn close to watching a MLB game on TV.

Baseball Simulator 1.000 - Quite possibly the best baseball video game ever!If I played video games, I would definitely give MLB ’06 The Show a try. It looks pretty sweet in comparison to my recollection of playing Baseball Simulator 1.000 back in 1989.


Ken Williams and Sox Should Thank Frank Thomas

Ken Williams should be thanking Frank Thomas NOT bad mouthing him!I recently wrote a post about how I felt Frank Thomas was shafted by the Chicago White Sox. Ironically, I just heard an interview with Ken Williams attacking Frank Thomas for the way Thomas has been talking to the media about the way the White Sox handled his departure. If did not want Thomas to be a part of the Sox then, as GM of the White Sox, he should have traded Big Frank years ago. Instead he ranted about by saying:

“He’s an idiot, he’s selfish … He’d better stay out of White Sox business.”

I could not believe Ken Williams’ classless rant. This is the same Ken Williams that used Frank Thomas for years to draw fans to Sox games when they could not sell enough tickets to fill a shoebox high school gym. With the Sox winning big last season, Ken Williams has a chip on his shoulder and no longer has a use for the veteran, future Hall Famer, thus discarded him like garbage. Ken Williams and the should really be thanking Frank Thomas for all the rough years that the two-time MVP endured – regardless of what Frank Thomas has to say to the media.