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Cubs Should Snag Unhappy Soriano

Alfonso Soriano as a Texas Ranger.I think Phil Rogers has it right in his recent column, the Chicago Cubs should try and snag unhappy Alfonso Soriano from the Washington Nationals. Though Soriano is prone to the strike out, he also has speed and power at second base and would be another great addition to the top of the Chicago Cubs’ lineup. I say go for it Jim Hendry!


Ken Williams and Sox Should Thank Frank Thomas

Ken Williams should be thanking Frank Thomas NOT bad mouthing him!I recently wrote a post about how I felt Frank Thomas was shafted by the Chicago White Sox. Ironically, I just heard an interview with Ken Williams attacking Frank Thomas for the way Thomas has been talking to the media about the way the White Sox handled his departure. If did not want Thomas to be a part of the Sox then, as GM of the White Sox, he should have traded Big Frank years ago. Instead he ranted about by saying:

“He’s an idiot, he’s selfish … He’d better stay out of White Sox business.”

I could not believe Ken Williams’ classless rant. This is the same Ken Williams that used Frank Thomas for years to draw fans to Sox games when they could not sell enough tickets to fill a shoebox high school gym. With the Sox winning big last season, Ken Williams has a chip on his shoulder and no longer has a use for the veteran, future Hall Famer, thus discarded him like garbage. Ken Williams and the should really be thanking Frank Thomas for all the rough years that the two-time MVP endured – regardless of what Frank Thomas has to say to the media.

The Big Hurt Was Shafted By The White Sox

Frank Thomas as an Oakland A

Frank Thomas has reported to camp for the and he is admittedly hurt that his 17 year career was not extended with the Chicago White Sox. Though Thomas is aging and had injury problems I feel the Sox should have given him an opportunity to finish out his career with the Sox as a coach/player for the next couple of season. Thomas could play some first base, designated hitter and help coach the rest of the time similar to how Pete Rose did late in his career.

I am honestly not a huge Frank Thomas fan, due to my love for the northside team in Chicago, but I respect him as a player and there is a “right way” to treat loyal veterans like this Frank. The same is true in the business world. The way the White Sox handled the situation was a bad baseball and business move but I do not think this is out of character for the Sox. This is the same organization that pushed Carlton Fisk into retirement early and could not decide on their commitment to Harold Baines for years. In fact they may still know be sure on how they feel about Harold Baines. The Sox do not know how to treat franchise players late in their careers – that is the bottom line.

Glad To See Theo’s Back
January 21, 2006, 2:55 am
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Theo Epstein (from

I saw on ESPN last night that the have added back into the front office mix after initially letting him go back in late October 2005. I am happy to see it, since prior to this move I felt Theo was not getting the respect he deserved. I hate to see young successful professionals struggle for respect they have earned so I was pulling he hooked up with the Dodgers or another potential contender to stick it to the BoSox for not having faith in him. It appears that will no longer be necessary. It will be interesting to see what the BoSox will have Theo doing with a full front office of co-GM’s. Maybe they will add another cook to the GM kitchen so that they can alternate months? That would be amusing. It appears reality has Theo managing the two co-GM as a new VP, nice job Theo!

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