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Ballbug Tracks Baseball’s Happenings Real-time

Ballbug - Tracking the MLB buzz real-time!I am a pretty heavy blogger therefore I have been using a news aggregator called memeorandum for quite sometime, to stay connected with the top stories of the day. Memeorandum recenlty has grown to offer Ballbug, which tracks the latest baseball happenings. Check out this post on Somewhat Frank to find out more.


World Baseball Classic Was A Success
March 22, 2006, 11:27 pm
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Bud Selig needs a hug!According the WSJ and the latest television ratings the World Baseball Classic was a success. So if you see MLB Commissioner give him a handshake, pat on the back or big hug – I think he needs it.

MLB ’06 The Show: Is Like You Are There

MLB '06 The Show - Playstation video game looks pretty sweet!MLB 2006: The Show, the latest baseball video game, has caught my attention with some humor and realistic graphics in two different TV commercial campaigns.

The first TV campaign mirrors that of a scene from the movie Bull Durham, giving tidbits to his teammates of what it is like in “The Show.” Clever and definitely laughable!

The second campaign shows all of the super graphics the game produces. Basically, the game looks almost like real life. It is pretty scary how well the graphical players mirror real Major League players. It is darn close to watching a MLB game on TV.

Baseball Simulator 1.000 - Quite possibly the best baseball video game ever!If I played video games, I would definitely give MLB ’06 The Show a try. It looks pretty sweet in comparison to my recollection of playing Baseball Simulator 1.000 back in 1989.

Are The Chicago Cubs For Sale?

Are the Chicago Cubs For Sale?The Tribune Company owns the Chicago Cubs and has acknowledged the speculation that has swirled for months about the Cubs potentially being for sale. Gary Weitman, a Tribune spokesman was quoted recently (March 18, 2006) in a Chicago Tribune report saying:

“The Cubs are not for sale.”

However, I have found some contradictory opinions in these posts on and 1060west.

Prior Headed To The Doctor Again

Mark Prior deals a pitch...does that look healthy on his shoulder?

Mark Prior is going to get his shoulder checked out after he experienced shoulder soreness and it is becoming all too familar of a routine for the Chicago Cubs. If it isn’t headed for surgery it is having stiffness or soreness or something. Hopefully the Chicago Cubs other young arms can carry the weight if both Wood and Prior are missing in action again to start the season.

Cubs Best Off Season Move?

Is it Wade Miller Time in Chicago?The Chicago Cubs’ pitching staff has been plaqued with injuries the last couple of years. Though has shined and have not been 100 percent healthy. This off-season the Cubs signed who has also had arm surgery recently. I like this move by the Cubs, it gives them some possible insurance and starting pitching depth at a time when Kerry Wood needs more surgery (knee). Wade Miller is still recovering himself from arm surgery and may need to take “baby steps” to returning to form but I like the gamble the Cubs have taken by signing him. It could prove to be the best move they have made in the off season. We will have to wait and see.

, former player and manager and current Cubs broadcaster, has also had similar thoughts and has posted them here.

Do you think this was the Chicago Cubs best off-season move?

Griffey, Clemens Rock As USA Team Rolls In The WBC
March 10, 2006, 9:58 pm
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A young Ken Griffey Jr. takes a swing in Seattle. hit two homeruns and drove in seven runs while struck out six in 4 and 2/3 innings today (March 10, 2006) as the USA team beat up on South Africa 17-0. You would have thought it was 1995 again the way these two players looked in the prime of their Major League glory days. I’d love to see Junior return to form this season after years of injuries in Cincy. I would love to see Rocket back for one more season too. He is definitely still capable for dominating a game from the mound.