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Cubs Should Snag Unhappy Soriano

Alfonso Soriano as a Texas Ranger.I think Phil Rogers has it right in his recent column, the Chicago Cubs should try and snag unhappy Alfonso Soriano from the Washington Nationals. Though Soriano is prone to the strike out, he also has speed and power at second base and would be another great addition to the top of the Chicago Cubs’ lineup. I say go for it Jim Hendry!


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if the cubs could pull this move, then 2007 sounds quite reasonable..get rid of pierre..bring up pie..soriano(2nd), cedeno(ss), derrick lee(1st), , carlos lee(lf) …(designate murton-bust),ramirez(3rd), barrett(c),jones(rf), pie(cf), pitchers..zambrano, prior, miller, (get rid of wood), keep marshall, and go after 5th starter(minor preferbly-they have plenty of pitching to try out this spot)..with the relief..keep them..eyre, howry, guzman, dempster, and follow up with some other tough rp…it could only help..the cubs aren’t far away from doing damage! it’ll take time, but they can do it..i’ve been with this team since, 1983..the cubs are tough..just give them the chance!
jonathan prue

Comment by jprue

In my eyes, the cubs need to re sign Aramis Ram. Just sign him already. He is a solid batter hitting .280 and puts up 30+ homeruns. I just don’t get it. I disagree with the get rid of Juan Pierre. He is leading the NL in infield hits, second in SB and has put up an astonishing 3.25 average after June. What is the matter with the cubs giving away young pitchers. STOP IT!!!!! You gave up THREE ROOKIE PITCHERS to get juan, the least you can do is keep him for one year extention through 2007. D Lee is fine as long as he stays healthy and Jaque will manage as long as he doesn’t have to share a LF spot with Murton. Bringing up Pie is a good thing!!! We need a lot of work on the offseason, but it is managable with Zambrano leading and D Lee- A Ram leading offense. DON’T re-sign WOODS, or I will give up on the cubs

Perfect lineup:(if we can)
1. Juan Pierre (CF)
2. Alfonso Soriano (2B)
3. D Lee (1B)
4. A Ram (3B)
5. Carlos Lee (LF) – i am dreaming
6. M Barrett (C)
7. F Pie (RF/CF/DH)
8. Jaque Jones (DH/RF)
9. Itzuris (SS)

Pitching Perfect:
1. Carlos Zambrano
2. Barry Zito
3. Jason Shmidt/ Eaton
4. S Marshall
5. Hill

Notice that there is no Prior or Woods

— This is a dream, but all dreams come true—

Comment by Jimmy

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