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MLB ’06 The Show: Is Like You Are There

MLB '06 The Show - Playstation video game looks pretty sweet!MLB 2006: The Show, the latest baseball video game, has caught my attention with some humor and realistic graphics in two different TV commercial campaigns.

The first TV campaign mirrors that of a scene from the movie Bull Durham, giving tidbits to his teammates of what it is like in “The Show.” Clever and definitely laughable!

The second campaign shows all of the super graphics the game produces. Basically, the game looks almost like real life. It is pretty scary how well the graphical players mirror real Major League players. It is darn close to watching a MLB game on TV.

Baseball Simulator 1.000 - Quite possibly the best baseball video game ever!If I played video games, I would definitely give MLB ’06 The Show a try. It looks pretty sweet in comparison to my recollection of playing Baseball Simulator 1.000 back in 1989.


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