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USA Baseball Team Upset By Canada In WBC
March 8, 2006, 11:47 pm
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WBC USA Team Stands Around As Rocket Clemens talksI just read on Baseball Musings about the fate of the USA baseball team today (March 8, 2006) versus Canada. I was surprised that team USA lost but I guess I should not be because in baseball David can defeat Goliath on any day. That is why they play the games.

Team USA had better buckle down since with another loss they could be left standing around.


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Don’t be surprised if the United States isn’t even in the finals. Cuba, Puerto Rico, South Korea and Japan can easily beat the United States as Canada easily proved. Don’t get hung up on a Dream Team mentality because unlike multi-million dollar big leaguers, countries like Cuba play as a team, win as a team and don’t have egos associated with MLB.

Cuba vs. Japan in the finals.

Comment by Camilo Cienfuegos

That is very good point Camilo. As I mentioned in the post, that is why they play the games! You just never know with baseball. Take the last two years World Series as a prime example. Who would have picked the White Sox to win the World Series last season? And the year before…the BoSox…the same thing, although, I did pick BoSox to win it in March 2004, at a time a long shot by Vegas odds.

We will see if you prediction comes true. I think the Dominican Republic is a team to watch.

Comment by Ballpark Frank

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Team USA had better buckle down since with another loss they could be left standing around.

Comment by Growing Strong Muscles

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