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Book ‘Game of Shadows’ Casts Barry Bonds As Steroid User
March 7, 2006, 8:45 pm
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Barry Bonds, BALCO and the Steroid Scandal that Rocked Professional Sports

, a new book by and , was has been pre-released to the media today (March 7, 2006) rocking the baseball world with detailed accounts of steroid use by slugger Barry Bonds. The book is said to be based on more than a thousand pages of documents and interviews with more than 200 people, specifies the steroids and administration of by Greg Anderson and Victor Conte to prior to the 1999 season and beyond. According to the book excerpts posted on

“By 2001, the authors allege, he was using two designer steroids referred to as the Cream and the Clear, as well as insulin, human growth hormone, testosterone decanoate (a fast-acting steroid known as Mexican beans) and trenbolone, a steroid created to improve the muscle quality of cattle. That’s the same year Bonds broke McGwire’s single-season home run record (70) by belting 73.”

According to a report out of Scottsdale, Arizona today Barry Bonds responded to the new book by saying:

“I won’t even look at it. For what? There’s no need to.”

The reports in the new book do not really surprise me. It does sadden me though since Barry Bonds does not need to take steroids to be a success. It is pretty obvious to me though that Bonds was doing something different starting in 1999. Barry Bonds came up with a similar slender build to Darryl Strawberry and in 1999 his neck was bigger than most NFL players! It just is not normal for a human being to make aggressive body changes around the age of forty, a time when the body should be slowing down.

To read the book for yourself you can pre-order it by clicking here.


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