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Did Johnny Damon Sell Out?
February 24, 2006, 10:34 pm
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Johnny Damon as a NY YankeeI saw clean shaven and in Yankee pinstripes last night on and it just did not look right. He was the . He was the leader of “the Idiots” that were World Champions. I was discussingBill Gates of Microsoft this very fact today at lunch and my friend Dave Ciaglo and I came up with this analogy to communicate the magnitude of Johnny Damon heading from the BoSox to the :

“It is like founder going to work for .”

Did Johnny Damon sell out?


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And Dave should know, being from the east coast and a devoted Red Sox fan and all.

Comment by Margo

I guess he did after all… even though the Sox blew it – Boras wanted the big payday,he wanted him to be the sacrificial lamb as the first one to make the leap voluntarily, so that others could follow and create bidding wars for Boras’ paycheck. It’s so sad and dumb. I wish he had been a stronger man like Varitek and just gone where he wanted to be.

Comment by Randa

Johnny Damon is George Steinbrenner a$$ boy now…what a loser….no wonder I hate sports…players don’t have values anymore…had to cut hair and shave for George….wonder what else he does for George heh heh! LOSER BIGTIME DISGRACE TO BASEBALL he is…..I said it!

Comment by Jimi J

I saw Johnny Damon clean shaven and in Yankee pinstripes last night on SportsCenter and it just did not look right. He was the Boston Red Sox

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